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Electrodeposited Wheel: Overview

  • DIA or CBN electrodeposited on the surface of body through electroplating
  • Superior diamond abrasive protrusion and excellent grinding capacity
  • Product in the complex shape is available for production
  • Electroless electroplating for precision processing

Small-diameter Electrodeposited Wheel: Specification Concept

  • Developed as a dedicated tool model for an extended product life with a [small-diameter electrodeposited wheel] for hole drilling and chamfering of thin-plate glass substrate including [cover glass].
For hole drilling and chamfering of Smart Phone Cover Glass (0.55t)


  • Electrodeposition

    Industrial Tools

  • Electrodeposition

    For Mobile and Ceramic material grinding

<Product Features>
Realize excellent tool life and grinding performance by applying proprietary plating technology to prevent nose occurrence